Attention Democrats


Consideration far left Democrats and all the remainder, of you Democrats, who’re too afraid of the far left or to hungry for energy to face up for America. Cease insulting me, cease ridiculing me, cease attempting to run my life, cease attempting to remove my freedoms and cease endangering me and my family members.

I do know that you’ve by no means met me, do not know me and do not even know I exist. I’m not well-known, not wealthy and never highly effective, however I’m one of many slightly below 300 million People that you’re harming. I’m one of many little individuals that you simply assume are too ignorant to know what’s finest for themselves. One of many little individuals that you simply assume needs to be led round by the nostril by superior individuals such as you. One of many little folks that, so far as you might be involved, would not matter within the huge scheme of issues. I’m one of many idiots that imagine in issues like, morals, values, freedom, kindness, serving to others, honest play, courtesy, manners, dignity, respect, caring for one’s household, and so forth.. One of many idiots that loves his nation, believes in his nation and is proud to be an American. One of many idiots that celebrates the Fourth Of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and sure (horrors), even Christmas.

I’m a average who has some liberal beliefs and a few conservative beliefs. I dislike far proper fanatics as a lot as I dislike far left fanatics. I imagine in God however, I do not imagine in attempting to power everybody or anybody else into believing in God. I imagine in freedom of speech (So long as it would not hurt anybody.) and I imagine in freedom of thought. I’ve by no means, till lately, wrote letters to the editor or wrote political articles. Despite the fact that I’m a Republican, I’ve at all times voted for the most effective individual for the job. I’ve, prior to now, voted for Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Your actions, nevertheless, have left me no selection apart from to, to any extent further, vote for anybody who opposes Democrats. I could dislike the far proper however the far left scares the heck out of me. The far left and those who assist them are going to, if not stopped, trigger the downfall of this nice nation.

I’m fed up, hopefully like many others, with you attempting to inform me what to assume, when to assume and tips on how to assume it, what to say, when to say it and tips on how to say it. I’m fed up together with your use of lies, half truths, propaganda, rumors and mock. I’m fed up together with your use of celebrities and sychopants, to unfold your lies, half truths, propaganda, rumors and mock, in an effort to achieve management over the remainder of us.

I’m fed up with you and your puppets disparaging our President (If you insult our President, you insult the workplace of the President, thereby insulting America. If you name the President silly you might be calling everybody who voted for him silly as a result of, they voted for a silly President.). If you ridicule the President, any President, whether or not or not it’s President Bush, President Clinton or every other President you might be harming America by giving gasoline to our detractors and enemies. This endangers my family members and due to this fact scares me.

I’m fed up together with your assaults on the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. All you might be doing is aiding our enemies by making them imagine that, if they will final lengthy sufficient, we are going to reduce and run, leaving them to do as they want. You might be prolonging the struggle towards terrorism and inflicting extra deaths amongst our troops. I am not saying that we will win the struggle towards terrorism (There’ll in all probability, nearly, at all times be some type of terrorism.) however, I’m saying that you’re making issues worse. You might be additionally endangering my family members and that scares me.

I’m fed up together with your makes an attempt to power the appeasement of nations like Iran, Syria, China, Russia, North Korea, France and others who would really like nothing higher than to witness our demise. This endangers my family members and due to this fact scares me.

I’m fed up together with your combating for the rights of criminals and terrorists whereas ignoring the rights of victims and of our society. Your makes an attempt to make victims or heroes out of individuals like Stanley Williams, the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, the terrorists imprisoned in Iraq, Saddam Hussein, gangsta rappers, drug addicts, unlawful immigrants, Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson and anybody convicted of homicide who’s sentenced to loss of life, insults victims and their family members. It additionally endangers my family members and that scares me.

The one factor that scares me greater than the far left is that many individuals on this nation are shopping for into your lies and propaganda as a result of they do not know something about historical past (And now some colleges have determined to cease instructing American Historical past previous to the Civil Warfare and plenty of different colleges do not even require the research of World Historical past.) and so they receive most of their data from sound bites, celebrities and others that you’ve duped who spout your propaganda whereas calling it leisure.

America is a superb nation and there should be time to beat the far left’s try to take over and rule our nation. So as, nevertheless, to cease the far left we’ve got to get up, we’ve got to cease believing that simply because somebody is a star and speaks for the far left, that she or he is an authority on the governing of this nation. Celebrities are usually not smarter or extra knowledgeable than we’re, they only have an even bigger soapbox than we do. Consider this, if a star is dumb sufficient to be taken in by the far left, she or he is simply too dumb to be telling us what to assume. Now we have to make use of slightly logic and begin considering for ourselves. Now we have to start out instructing our youngsters to assume for themselves and to not imagine all the pieces they see and listen to on tv. Most of all, we’ve got to start out talking out. Now we have to start out voting, not only for what we imagine in however, towards what we do not imagine in. Now we have to start out listening to what’s going on round us and we’ve got to start out sticking up for ourselves and for our lifestyle.