Democrat Jellyfish and Republican Lemmings


I by no means in my life thought I’d be rooting for Democrats to get some spell. I despise the liberals 'and Democrats' fascist-socialist steal-your-money and regulate us to demise philosophy. However they’re now the one energy now we have who can cease this sick, meaningless conflict in Iraq. But the Democrats are jellyfish.

What dopes we had been to start out this conflict. We performed proper into the palms of the terrorists. We’re combating on their floor, of their territory, of their sort of guerrilla conflict, in a tribal, religiously fanatic area of the world. Now we have now spent over $ 500 billion on this conflict, draining the life-blood and hard-earned taxes of common Individuals, with no sign of ending.

Hundreds of younger Individuals have already died to present "democracy" to fanatic Islamic thousands and thousands which mullahs and faith preach hate towards the very idea of democracy. They apply a faith that detests democracy and particular person liberty, a faith that calls for absolute obedience to their god and Islamic legislation.

The one method this conflict will finish is that if Democrats get the backbone to chop off the conflict funds, now. I’ve given up hope on the Republicans. Like lemmings, they simply observe the President over the cliff, taking the American individuals with them.

President Bush is taking part in an enormous bluff sport with the Democrats. He dares them to chop off the funds, and thenby "threaten our troops," and the Democrats have as soon as once more caved in to the bluff. They’ve simply handed the President's latest request for an additional $ 95 billion for the conflict.

Democrats in Congress, right here's what would occur when you reduce off the spigot. With out cash for the conflict, the President must withdraw the troops. He would by no means endanger our troopers within the discipline. He would withdraw the troops, then rant at Congress for making him do that. However Democrats, if you don’t name his bluff, he won’t ever finish this conflict. He’s on a messianic mission to "unfold democracy" to a democracy-hating Center-East, and is in full denounce in regards to the futility of such a mission.

Democrats, our Founding Fathers cave you the last word weapon to cease a President who endangers our nation with ineffective wars. That weapon was the facility of the purse. If you don’t use it, you and the Congress you management are simply completely ineffective to the American individuals and to our safety.

The Democrats will say, "Now we have tried to cease the conflict, however we wouldn’t have the two-thirds main to overturn the President's veto. That's why we needed to go the brand new invoice giving President Bush one other $ 95 billion for the conflict. "

No, Democrats, you didn’t should capitulate. You didn’t up the ante on this energy poker sport. Your technique must be to refuse to go ANY spending invoice till the President stops this conflict. If crucial, convey the federal government to a halt. Minimize off all funding to each division, each bureaucrat, each recipient of a authorities verify. Hell, even cease the President's wage and the wage of his cupboard members.

Oh, how government-union workers will howl when they don’t get their weekly paychecks. Oh, how Social Safety recipients will howl when they don’t get their Social Safety checks. Publish workplace workers may even go on strike. Take away the billions of that thousands and thousands of Individuals get from authorities paychecks and you will note how briskly this conflict stops. Thousands and thousands of Individuals will demand President Bush's resignation or impeachment if he doesn’t cease the conflict instantly (Social Safety recipients – don't fear.) Together with your assist, the conflict ought to finish in a couple of week, and also you'll then get your Checks).

However do you Democrats have the backbone to do that? Do you have got the nerve to remove authorities paychecks from thousands and thousands of government-union workers that voted you into workplace? What do you worth most, your personal energy in workplace, or stopping this conflict? Care to up the ante?

We continuously hear from the President and his fellow Republicans that there can be horrendous controversences if we withdrew from Iraq. OK. What penalties? If we left Iraq tomorrow, right here's my guess on what would occur. There can be a blood-bath civil conflict between the Shiites, Sunnis, former Saddam's Bathe celebration militia, Al Qaida terrorists, Iranian infiltrators, and a dozen different fanatical teams, all at every others' throats. It will be like one other Palestine, the place Fatah and Hamas terrorist teams are actually at one another's throats for energy.

Does it actually matter who wins this civil conflict? Many of the teams there are both secular or non secular fanatics, and the group that wins will in all probability create a dictatorship as dangerous as Saddam Hussein's. After we hung Saddam, we simply ousted one sick dictator, solely to make room for an additional. Within the Center East, from previous expertise, what extra are you able to anticipate?

Then what occurs when this new secular or Islamic dictator is in energy? He is not going to disrupt our oil provide (which is all we actually care about), as a result of oil is the one factor that retains these Center-East international locations from descending again into the Center Ages. It’s their solely useful resource. Did Saddam reduce off our oil? Does Iran cease promoting us oil, although they hate our guts? Do they need to lose their billions of in income? I don’t assume so.

Furthermore, it could be the perfect factor that occurred to us if Center-East international locations reduce off our oil. What we want is an enormous, alternative-energy "Manhattan undertaking" just like the Manhattan Undertaking in World Battle II that created the atomic bomb in report time. We have already got the expertise to develop into oil-independent.

We even have large, untapped provides of our personal oil, gasoline, and coal if we cease strangling our vitality firms with "save-the-earth" environmental rules that cease us from drilling all around the Arctic, Alaska, and offshore. If we mix an alternative-energy "Manhattan undertaking" and take the strangling shackles off our oil and gasoline firms, we quickly is not going to want Center-East oil anymore. When that occurs, these international locations will go bankrupt, their economies will shrivel up, and so they'll don’t have any extra money to fund the terrorists.

What in regards to the poor individuals of Iraq? I really feel actually sorry for them. But when they can’t get their act collectively to defend their very own liberty, ought to we waste the lives of 1000’s of Individuals and bankrupt ourselves in a endless conflict to "unfold democracy?" Ought to we strangle Individuals' freedom, flip America right into a police state with "Patriot" acts and large surveillance of Individuals by our personal FBI, to guard the "freedom" of Iraqi muslims?

If we left Iraq now, we might use a part of the a whole lot of billions of we save to search out Al Qaeda terrorists all around the world. They had been the unique and nonetheless worst menace to our safety. We might additionally construct a excessive wall between us and Mexico to maintain out Center-East terrorists, and pay for surveillance gear at airports and all our harbors to verify each bundle and container coming in.

We might additionally threaten Iranians leaders that we are going to decimate their energy like we did to the Taliban in Afghanistan in the event that they proceed to assist terrorists who attempt to assault America. We don’t want nuclear weapons. We will degree their energy facilities and infrastructure with large bombs like we did towards Nazi Germany. To win, we can’t get sucked right into a guerrilla conflict on their territory, removed from our provide strains. As a substitute, we might bomb them into the Stone Age in order that they might not assist terrorists. I simply hope the nice Iranian individuals overthrow their present rulers earlier than now we have to destroy their nation in the future.

However none of this may occur with our Democrat jellyfish. This conflict will go on and on, sucking the lifeblood from America just like the barbarians sucked the lifeblood from historical Rome. As a substitute of hoarding our power to struggle the actual enemy, the Al Qaeda terrorists, we now squander our power in a ineffective civil conflict in Iraq. God forbid, will now we have to elect a Democrat President to finish this conflict?