Fall of a Nation


Jeremiah 51:6-51:18

Babylon is Fallen. Is the United States, Religious Babylon?

Jer.51:6-18. I learn an article the different day, regarding the huge wealth of America and the large affect that she has over the remainder of the world. Most banking methods are positioned in New York Metropolis, Gold, Silver, Diamonds and all method of expensive stones and commerce is positioned right here. Worldwide journey is centered right here and the main religions world wide take a look at her. Most commentators take a look at the Kingdom of the Chaldes as Babylon, which might be appropriate, however we’re religious Babylon. Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China all mixed collectively, represent a religious and bodily Babylon, due to the huge wealth and assets they poses. In my opinion these will in time represent a fantastic menace to Israel and her soventry and security. Russia will attempt to exploit Israel as she prospers, and in accordance with prophecy, Israel will bloom. China will, collaborate with Syria and the remainder of the nations, beneath the management of the anti-christ, to destroy Israel, on the battle of Armageddon. The query right here is, America, religious Babylon.

Within the previous 60 years, America has develop into the middle of commerce, and faith. She has been dubbed, the Golden one in every of all nations, for wealth energy and information. Data has been elevated, we are able to even clone animals, in all probability even folks. All Nations are jealous of her and have develop into drunk on her lifestyle. You have herd different nations discuss in regards to the western affect, on c lothes, motion pictures, music, meals, and freedom, their speaking in regards to the issues that America presents the world. The US Supreme Courtroom in 1865 , acknowledged that this Nation was “CHRISTIAN” and owed all the things to its creator. What has occurred sense to change such a dramatic assertion? Have we forgotten our Creator, have we forgotten all that He has executed for us? Lets take a look at some scripture, then you’ll be able to resolve for your self.

Jer. 51:6-18, “BABYLON HATH BEEN A GOLDEN CUP IN THE lORDS HAND, that made all of the earth drunken; the nations have drunk of her wine; subsequently the nations are mad. WE would have healed Babylon, however she just isn’t healed; forsake her and let us go everybody into his personal nation, for His machine is in opposition to Babylon to destroy it.”

It is a nation of energy, a nation of affect, a nation of back-sliders, a nation that has turned in opposition to God, and is standing alone on this planet as the one tremendous energy. All nations are turning in opposition to America and he or she now could be alone to face the judgment of God.

Babylon the good harlot, that has made the nations of the world drunken with her energy and affect and abundance is changing into a nation of indifference, her energy is failing, she can’t defend her personal boarders, her wealth is dwindelling and her affect has fallen. False religions are created in all places, marring and giving in marriage, man with man, lady with lady, and no finish in sight.

Is America the religious Babylon or is there one other with the identical energy that she holds, the affect.

The world has for a while now checked out Babylon town of Iraq, for solutions. Sure Sadam Husain was rebuilding it, however that was the bodily Babylon and the scripture is talking of Babylon the good whore. Is Rome Babylon? Unlikely, Tiberius of Rome in the times after Christ was crucified, acknowledged that Rome was the middle of all hypocrisy, lust, greed and whoredom. So the place does that depart us, America. Jeremiah acknowledged that God would have healed Babylon however she was not keen. May I be unsuitable, maby, however right here now we have a likelihood to look into our selves to judge our religion and belief in God. An opportunity to look into the previous to look out the long run. I’ve seen that typically, when confronted with the reality or a distinct interpretation, many students resist and deneigh the interpretation. However we should begin take a look at the scripture a little nearer to hunt out the reality, whereas we nonetheless can.

Why is that this so necessary for the church to debate ? As a result of all these issues are tied into the coming rapture of the church, Jesus stated, “while you see all these items come to go, know that the top is close to, even on the door.” I imagine not solely are we close to the door however Christ could even have His hand on the door upon the partitions of Babylon, make the watch robust,, arrange the watch males, put together the ambushers, , for the Lord hath each devised and executed that which he spake knob. Final of all lets take a look at Jer. 51:12, ” Set the usual in opposition to the inhabitants of Babylon.”

I wished to provide you one thing to suppose about, to awaken the Bride of Christ, don’t sleep, as these that sleep, however awaken unto righteousness. Be sober and never drunken, for a time is coming, for a fall of a nation.