‘Let ISIS see we do not die’: Yezidis repair their temples


BASHIQA, Kurdistan Area – Members of Sheikh Hassan temple in Bashiqa have begun work to restore the Yezidi place of worship. 

5 households, “servants” of the holy website, have raised funds to restore the temple in Bashiqa, northeast of Mosul, that was destroyed by ISIS when the extremist group carried out genocide towards the Yezidi individuals. 

“Let ISIS see with their eyes that we repaired it in even a extra lovely method,” mentioned one volunteer. “Our domes are at all times lovely, but it surely has turn into extra enticing than earlier than. Allow them to know we don’t die.”

ISIS destroyed twenty temples in Bashiqa and Bahzan. The fee to restore all twenty temples is round 450 to 500 million Iraqi Dinar (380 – 420 thousand USD).